Родительский контроль

Parental Control software products


Our Company has created the personal use software products of Keylogger, Sonar and Parental Control series. The main target of these software is parental control and personal security inside apartments and work places by acoustic control of information space.


Our main attention is spreaded on the segment of software in the area of access control for family use to satisfy the great army of our products' users who are parents and worry about growing up number of adult content sites, porno-sites and on-the-edge content sites. Our releases help to solve these targets in full and work maximum correct and invisible.


These products are the most competitive at a ratio of price/quality among some others existing on the software market of this area. The price of the cheapest version, for example, Keylogger Lite is just 5 USD for 1 client license. As a comparison that's 50-160% less than analog softs from other manufacturers. So, our software releases are without a rival  in the price/quality review.


Parental control lite software



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