Sonar - акустический контроль помещений

Sonar Lite - short software description

In some words: Sonar Lite installed on your computer shall record all audio events inside the system and through connected microphones in hidden mode.


Acoustic apartments control

Sonar Lite - easy and smart in use software for work space and flat area acoustic control. Sonar Lite successfully works to control home employees of nanny -   housemaid class. Sonar Lite can easily keep under audio-control a room of 35+ square meters and neighboring apartments.



Skype talks audio-recording


Sonar Lite easy and quality records multi-parts' Skype and same software dialogs without any computer stressing.

Sonar Lite counts its time of possible unstoppable work, offers microphones sensitivity settings, time-period parameters and formats for output files. The inner software audio-player allows to work with recorded files easy and fast. Sonar Lite is protected from any direct access to the software interface and is equipped with hidden mode inside the system.


Apartments action control


The picture below demostrates the example scheme of Sonar Lite activity in typical apartments of 25 - 45 square meters. In some conditions the software is possible to control up to 55 - 60 square meters acoustic space.


audio control


Sonar Lite is the multifunctional software that is useful for parental control purposes, as spy audio-recorder for Skype dialogs, as alarm-system solution or just for apartment monitoring.


Акустический контроль помещений



Sonar usage:

- Acoustic apartments control
- Audio-monitoring of work place
- Skype dialogs recording
- Audio-events system recording
- Parental audio-control purposes
- Audio-books creation solution