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Parental Control Lite - Questions & Answers


This page exists for developers to answer your frequently asked questions concerning Parental Control Lite version software. If You cannot find an answer to your question - feel free to ask it through this contact form.



What is the main goal of Parental Control Lite?

The main function of Parental Control Lite software is to protect  kids computer informationally. The software shall try to  protect your children from any unwanted information by prohibiting access to adult and dirty content sites.


And why it shall "try to protect"?

We've developed the special module that is taught "on-the-fly" right  during the software usage.


Do you specially collect "bad" sites data base?

Each user of Parental Control program invisibly takes part in this "bad" sites data base collecting process. In brief, the  strategy is like: Each blocked site of unwanted content is written down into Data Base as a record about it, increasing the DB basis and spreading new records in updates to all our software users. So, not only we are the collectors of  the "bad" sites data base.