Parental Control Home Edition описание программы Родительский Контроль Домашнее издание

Parental Control Lite software description


This Parental control software product - Home Edition (Parental Control Home Edition) is created for personal computer use. The main goal of the program is the prevention of unwanted content on internet sites pages displaying and the prohibition of such sites' content loading. The unwanted content sites are internet pages with text or image information of erotic or pornographic stuff in all of its aspects.


parental control logfile


The main settings of the software are optimized to start using the program for You to rule with ease the "Parental Control Home edition". That means that right after the installation the software starts its work being set to main targets. To complicate tasks the software is equiped with the morphologic module.


parental control Lite


Another main module in the "Parental Control Home Edition" software is the built-in keylogger (keyboard spy) Lite version. The tandem of parental control module with  the keybord spy makes  the software the quite powerful parental control instrument.


Parental control Lite settings


Parental Control Lite software has the auto-update data base of doubtful and obscene content function to block such content. The Data base is regularly updated.


parental control


For kids to be not tired by visiting a huge number of entertaining programs and games - the software has "Computer shut-down Timer" living to normalize the computer work periods with the function of set regime shut-down. You can set time periods during working days and rest days separately.