Sonar Net - Frequently Asked Questions

This page was constructed for developers to answer your frequently asked questions about Sonar Net software.

Can Sonar Net record speech talks in Skype?

Yes, it's the Skype-recorder and works in same audio-conversation voice-chat speech talks programs.


Does Sonar compess audio-files while sending?

Yes, if Compress before sending option is active.


Do I need to have any special audio-player to listen to received files?

No, You don't. All audio-files You receive are in the most popular formats and can be heard by any modern audio-player.


Can Sonar NET send data to a remote (network) disk?

Yes, and this option is enabled by default in Sonar Lite version too. Choose any folder to save files and that's that! The only thing is that You can't disconnect your network disk during Sonar working process or it will cause an error and a visible system window shall appear that unhides the software.


Why can't my audio-logs reach email server?

Please, use Port: 465.