New line of "Parental Control" software products is released in the third quarter of 2009

Our Company has released new program products for personal use -  Keylogger and Sonar series. These programs are suitable first of all for "Parental Control" purposes and personal security acoustic control of apartments and work places.

These products are most competitive in the price/quality ratio among some other market representatives of the same software products area. The price for the cheapest version of Keylogger Lite is no more than 4 Euro for one clients' license. For comparison that's on 50-60% cheaper than concurrent products of other manufacturers. That's why our products have no concurrency in the price/quality ratio.

However we've optimized the development of software products thus that system resources usage in personal versions are nearly imperceptible and our tests of loads of operational system like Windows XP Home, XP Profesional, Vista showed minor      correlations from <0.01% to <0,05% depending on active functions. So the visibility of such programs operation is lower and can really operate in "stelth" regime.

Our main attention was paid to that segment of software products because of the multi-asks of our dear users - parents who are worried of over-doze of "adult" sites and sites with the related content. Our programs will help You to fix these tasks to the full and do that maximum correctly and plain.