- Кейлоггер - Часто задаваемые вопросы Frequently Asked Questions

Keylogger - Frequently Asked Questions


This page was constructed for developers to answer your frequently asked questions about Keylogger software version Lite. If You can't find an answer to your question - feel free to ask it through this Form.


What are differences between Keylogger Lite and Keylogger Pro?

Key differences between Keylogger Lite and Keylogger Pro software are first of all in the sphere of use of these programs. Keylogger Lite version isn't hidden inside operating system, but Keylogger Pro is hidden and programmed not to show its activity. Keylogger Lite version is more domestic - for everyday use - while Pro version looks more like the special instrument for Agents 007. And the last from the main differences is the encryption of a final data. Keylogger Lite version has no the encryption module, and Кейлоггер Про, has not just the encryption module, but also data KeyLog file password protection options.


Do I have a possibility to find out a persons' Nickname in such programs like ICQ or Skype with the help of the LogFile?


Yes, You have such possibility, as from ICQ and Skype and other programs.


And what if i wish to get my boyfriend's E-mail account password? Can i do that with Keylogger Lite?


Theoretically - Yes, but that's on your personal risk, because Keylogger Lite version isn't hidden inside OS and can be easily found visually. That's really good task for Keylogger PRO.


Can SONAR help to control my kid?


That's the main task of SONAR program - to control your kids especially in cases when You cannot be sure in your baby care personel qualification.


I can't setup the program on my work computer. What can i do?


Office local networks can offer You to setup the software often just after your system administrator agreement, and more often - after your boss agree. In such cases we recommend You to use Keylogger Lite - it's presence on your work computer is easy to explain.