For Partners


Keylogger Business LineUnder present-day conditions of edge and competitive struggles of small companies and huge corporations in different market segments of Business we offer high quality and cheap solutions for informational defense and security. The hardware and software systems developed by us have the most cheap cost for one clients' place among systems of such class and similar destination. The Strong system machinery and the interface simplicity have no analogues at all and will be easy understandable by each client - user.


Our systems have the good scalability and productivity level. All corporate program systems work under one common control program platform and each system has the module integrating into this platform. Also we release the additional equipment for our systems under CKM SYSTEMS Trade Mark. All systems are with the detailed technical documentation in russian and english languages.


All our clients get the technical support, help with installation and system tests, personel education and guarantee updates during one year since the day of installation. Further services are under user maintenance agreement.


We offer easy terms of cooperation in full spectrum of our products for IT companies - system integrators. Feel free to contact us by filling the short communicative form and we'll answer You as soon as possible.


For Trade Companies (Wholesale - retail traders)

Personal computers sales to end users are often connected with a fast learning of buyer's choices and his goals, but doesn't matter the buyer's state - he or she is interested in privacy, security and curiosity, sure, in informational context.
What's our offer for companies - sellers of personal computers?
- To sell computers with already installed program products of Keylogger series by CKM Systems. Computers become the finished soulutions for much families and businessmen been powered by the installed programs that increases more their value as opposed to baseline Pcs.

We offer you special conditions for one-user products and programs for small business and security areas.


To Companies for security


Our integrated solutions for informational security based on CKM Systems program products.


For government institutions


In the pipeline.


For private business


Special solutions in the area of security and control of kindergardens, schools and Institution of Higher Education.