Programs for affiliate partners


Retail development program for regions with developed Internet and regions with smart market of personal computers sales.


We invite You to take part in sales development of all range of nominative assignment program software and additional equipment under CKM SYSTEMS mark in your region. This moment we talk about our software programs: Keylogger Lite, Keylogger Pro, Sonar Lite, Sonar Pro, add-ons for "Parent Control" module, and hardware equipment - CKM Systems Board Pro keyboard with the program control module. All products designed for home use and first of all are the powerful tools of "Parental control" and common instruments of security and apartments acoustic control.


Implicitly while ruling the right sales policy the target clients of this products series are: families with kids (different age, different products), families with home personel (cleaning women, baby-sitters, nurses, nannies), paranoic flat owners, jealous men and women and so on. That's the very potential coverage starving much for these programs, because the mentioned tasks can be solved with the help of other program software and equipment, but for other money. And that core difference can become the good basis for You to start your personal business in your region.