New version of Keylogger LITE V3

Keylogger LITE V3 New version

Keylogger LITE V3 new version is available for download. The new release is totally renewed and its functionality is more than 10 times better now. And You get more smart and informative software interface. A lot of system processes are optimized, detecting algorithms are improved and data logging construction is almost completely changed.


Free Update till Keylogger LITE V3


Keylogger LITE V3 is available for users of previous Keylogger Lite versions for Free! The new keyloggering version can be easy installed on a computer with a previous Lite version and no need for any additional registrations.
Attention: new and old Keylogger Lite versions are incompatible in LogFiles, and You won't see LogFile data from old version.


download Keylogger LITE V3