For Email sure arrivals and more comfortability


заголовок логов журнала Keylogger Net серии


For Keylogger Net и Keylogger Net Plus users new changes are added to show unique message subjects reaching your email boxes with LogFile data. Now You will see the exact  time of sending logs that's more progressive than the static Subject line. This innovation shall be comfortable as for users and for post servers that won't do false responses marking some received emails as "spam".



Economizing must be effective


The new products Keylogger 3BOX and Keylogger 5BOX are released on July 2010. Each release consists of some package variants. The main characteristic of these products is the economical aspect - savings up to 25% on the package of Keylogger series programs purchase.



Share-it! International payment system is active


Keylogger products are available through Share-it! international payment system since July 2010.