Keylogger NET4 & NET4XT short description

Keylogger NET4 and NET4XT software products are the transitional solutions from single versions to multiuser ones. The main conception of these series software is the client - server technology of encrypted data transfer into the secure application collecting it and saving as data LogFile - Viewer.


Viewer - is the receiving, decrypting and keeping data application. You need 2-level authorization to access Viewer application. The 1st one is the simple authorization to start Viewer, set by user while the installation. The 2nd authorization of automatic level is for retrieving encrypted data from server. All the user needs is to open Viewer and receive data into it. The collected data decrypts automatically for further work


Another feature of these series is the possility to install LogFile Viewer onto removable devices, for example, on a Flash disk. You can collect data to Viewer from any computer connected to Internet (after the positive rule by the network administrator to mount your device).


The full version of each Keylogger NET4 series version works with 5 computers and You can gather data from 5 PC users into 1 Keylogger Viewer. So, this can be the smallest version for small business company. Please, look at the special offer for the full Keylogger NET4 XT pack.


Keylogger NET4XT


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