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You can download Keylogger NET spying module right from This page.

Keylogger Net is the Full-functional Free for 24-hours software version demonstrating its quality in all its beauty. You must get 1 log file with data collected for 24 hours in the installed system.

Keylogger Net stops working after the 24-hours' free trial period and continues its work after the remote activation. Keylogger Net activation information must reach You by E-mail in 30 minutes after first installation. Please, type your E-mail address correctly to get logs!


Keylogger Net
Keylogger Net  

 File size: 1.67 Мб  
 Operation systems support:         
 Windows XP, SP1, SP2  
 Windows 2000, 2003, 2008  
 Windows Vista, Windows 7  
 Language: English
 Version: 3.5  
 ОЕМ Application
download Keylogger Net  



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buy keylogger Net         


You can buy and register Keylogger NET software by your credit or debit Card via Share-It! system, by sending 1 short SMS message (where available). The system activation by SMS-service is available for all users of cellular phones of mobile providers from more than 30 countries of the World. Also, Keylogger Net software can be registered by paying through pay-terminals of OSMP, QIWI systems, using Webmoney electronic transfer system. Learn more details about activation methods of Keylogger NET.