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Keylogger LITE V4 - Features



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Keylogger (Keyboard spy) version "Lite" is the software product for PC, developed by CKM SYSTEMS as the cheapest solution on the software market for end users. This product is suitable first of all for people whose work is connected with huge data amount that can be restored anyway regardless of whether it was saved or just "typed". Keylogger Lite can also work on a computer not connected to Internet that guarantees your data protection.

Keylogger Lite working interface


Key keyboard spy specifications


Keylogger Lite records the LogFile of all programs' starts, remembers Internet addresses and search engines' queries that is very useful for Keylogger usage by parents on home computers. Keylogger Lite software interacts with system clipboard.


 Keylogger Lite v.4 key parameters:
  Memorization of each Keylogger keystroke
  Keylogger friendly software interface
  Clipboard data logging
  Search systems, web sites, social networks, messengers, files logging
  Keylogger LogFile data search
  Logs calendar, archive logs searcher
  Classification of applications by types
  Works in MS Windows XP, NT, 2000, 2003, 2008, Vista, Window 7, Windows 8+
  Stealth invisible keylogger mode
  Shedule start and key process work
  Tray-menu icon Keylogger fast acess (if set visible)
  Favorites function in Keylogger LogFile
  Saving data to MS Excel and HTML file formats
  Data filter (show useful, ignore unuseful)
  Keylogger passworded access
  Hiding in the list of "Installed/Uninstalled programs"
  Easy Printing. Data is formatted to print. Format A4
  System stressing is <0,002-0,010%


Data LogFile window


Keylogger Lite software LogFile is intuitive and structured. LogFile has different options of data View and listing. Found results are highlightening by the contrast color. Keylogger LogFile has fast  any day data access in one click. Easy adding the most important data to "Favorites" folder for fast access. No limits for the list.



Keylogger Lite working interface

Keylogger LITE V3


Keylogger LITE V4 minimizes in system Tray and also can be  absolutely hidden  from user eyes, appearing in its window after the set Hot-keys combination shown on the picture. Open Keylogger Lite main window with visible Desktop to enter your password. Keylogger User Guide helps You to find more detailed instructions about all keyloggering steps.

keylogger LogFile




Keylogger Lite has such functions as: pre-setting logging data, hiding or deleting of so called "dirty" logs, setting the keyboard spy for special search engine systems.


настройки в Keylogger LITE V3


Choose the main active network adapter to log correctly internet data.


настройки в Keylogger LITE V3


Password access to Keylogger


The program access is password protected from the beginning to increase the software security level. You can change the password by opening the main program window and clicking the "Log Protection" button. Enter a new password in the new window, repeat it to check it. The new password is active right after You press the "Accept" button.


Keylogger LITE V3 Password Set


Keylogger LITE V3 Export data


Keylogger Logfile data can be saved in HTML file or MS Excel file with XLS format. Logfile data can be saved by a chosen Calendar day in common and by directory, for example, only visited Internet sites or Clipboard records. By default the created file gets the calendar date and the directory title.