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Keylogger Net Plus - F.A.Q.


This page was constructed for developers to answer your frequently asked questions about Keylogger NET version software. If You can't find the answer to your question - feel free to ask it through this Contact Form.




What Keylogger Net Plus exists for?

The main goal of Keylogger NET Plus is the possibility to receive collected data from Keylogger LogFile to your E-mail address. And no need to visit the computer to read data LogFile anymore, that means that kids are always under parents control and without any suspicions - "Why do they visit my comp so often?"

What's the difference between Keylogger Net and Keylogger Net Plus?

Keylogger Net and Keylogger NET Plus programs created for PC to record each keystroke of your keyboard, log all data into LogFile and send it to your E-mail address. This keylogging software versions are close to each other, but the main difference is in the ability of KeyLogger NET Plus to send Keylogger data from LogFile to your E-mail up to 6 times a day.


What's the price?

The price is set for 1 month of Keylogger NET Plus service using. Much people prefer to pay for the service by periods. That's the more comfortable way.


And what if somehow a computer user will find the LogFile? What can be seen there? Can it be viewable?

Keylogger LogFile has the firmest encryption and can't be viewable any way, also if the user has an experience in cryptology and data decryption, while KeyLogger-integrated LogFile is paroled. So, the computer user has no possibility to view the LogFile that kills a security paranoia.


Can an experienced user find the presence of Keylogger NET Plus?

All's relative. If it's an expert in the area of the computer information - that can be possible, but also in that case something can be found, but not a fact of keyboard spy identification.


About Firewalls?

If You use a Firewall in your system - it can "ask" You to allow a connection for the new software and You must allow it and set the mark "remember this decision". Keylogger NET connects with the registration server and checks the license data.


Antiviruses and integraded protection centers


A number of security systems and antivirus software react on the installation of the new application (program) not having a digital signature certificated by Microsoft like it's a potentially danger application and the question - Agree it or not? is the core. The picture below shows the situation. The answer "Yes, I agree" adds the application to Trust list - the security system gets your positive signal and unblocks the stable software.



A lot of security software allows You to set the check-box "Remember this action" for a security system or an antivirus application (they are often cooperated) to stop asking You about such questions. Just add the process shown on the picture to Trust list and get stable logs.


What must I do to register KeyLogger NET Plus?

You must find Keylogger NET Plus License Number sent to You by E-mail after the software installation, choose your prefered activation method, pay a desired period sending your License Number.

Can I change the Email address for sending logs remotely?

Next version - may be.

Please, pay attention to your E-mail address that You enter to get logs while Keylogger NET Plus installation - E-mail is now connected to your License number and You must enter the same E-mail address to uninstall or re-install Keylogger Spy module. And You can't cannot install Keylogger NET Plus upon the installed one using another E-mail address.


And how much times can I change the E-mail address to receive Logs?

This function has no limits. Just uninstall the installed Spy module from the system using your previous E-mail address and install it again using another E-mail address. But remember that some free mail servers can block E-mails with Keylogger logs putting them into Spam folder.


Can I install Keylogger Net Plus on a remote computer?

That can be done in one case - when a remote user installs Keylogger by himself. Our software shall not have any remote auto-installers - that's illegal and criminally liable.


Can Keylogger work in Windows Vista?
Yes. Keylogger NET Plus works with: Windows XP, 2000, 2003, 2008, Vista, Seven.


What are special characters?

Special characters in Keylogger programs are such keys as: ALT, Shift, CTRL, Win, TAB, Space, Enter, BackSpace, CapsLock, Del, Ins and others. All special computer keys using for commands, functions and together with text.


Is it possible to install some different copies of Keylogger NET Plus using the same E-mail address?

Yes, it is.


Are there any additional settings right inside Keylogger NET Plus (as Keylogger Lite has)?

No, Keylogger NET Plus spying module has no any interface windows or settings. You set all the necessary data while the installation process. Keylogger Spy module works in all modern versions of Windows. Simple and friendly logs fly in MS Excel file format to your E-mail address.



While the Keylogger NET Plus installation into OS Windows Vista - on the step of forming my Registration data - the process finishes with the error text and directing to the technical support department. Please, tell me the reason?

You can see the error pop-up window if You try to re-install Keylogger NET Plus entering a wrong E-mail address - not the one used before. Please, re-install or uninstall the software with the previously used E-mail address.


I have activated Keylogger software, but still cannot get log files. Please, solve the prob!

First of all, You need to test Keylogger and get log file in 6 hours after the spy module installation. And set your e-mail box to receive logs from server. Because we have no any possibility to contact you.





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