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Download Keylogger Net Plus


Yoy can download Keylogger NET Plus right from This page.



Keylogger NET Plus has 24 hours Free Full-functional Trial period and must be activated right after your successfull test - when the software 1st Log file reaches your E-mail box in 6 hours after the installation. This version copies main Keylogger NET functions, but sends Logs more often - till 4 times a day! All KeyLogger Net Plus activation information in english and russian languages will be sent to You by E-mail right after installation. The software deactivates after the 24-hours' test period and waits for your activation impulse. Please, type your E-mail address carefully without errors! You don't need to wait 24 hours to activate Keylogger; You can do that before or after receiving 1st Log in 6 hours after the installation.





Keylogger Net +
Keylogger Net Plus



File size: 1.67 Mb

Operation systems support:  
Windows XP, SP1, SP2  
Windows 2000, 2003, 2008  
Windows Vista, Windows Seven  
Language: English  
Version: 3.6  
ОЕМ Application  
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You can activate KeyLogger NET Plus software by your credit or debit Card via Share-it system, by sending short SMS messages from a number of world countries. Also, Keylogger Net Plus software can be activated by funds transfer through pay-terminals of OSMP, QIWI, Amiga systems, Webmoney system.  More details about Keylogger NET Plus.