Keylogger XE service short description


Keylogger XE - the software product for PC with the function of sending the received data to your E-mail address. The main feature of this keylogger version is the possibility to choose the best logs file format and the receiving logs frequency - up to 4 times a day.



Any accessible file format can be chosen once during the software installation process.


Keylogger X setup


Keylogger XE software description

Keylogger (keystroke keyboard logger) XE-version is the recording all You type on your computer keyboard software product for PC, spying for each visited internet site, typed search queries, logs all active (started) in the system applications, copies the computer clipboard into LogFile. The spying system monitors, logs, encrypts data and sends it to your E-mail address in the file format You choose during the Keylogger installation.


Keylogger XE бесплатный тест


Keylogger XE Free service test

The available for download version allows to check and test the full functional of Keylogger XE software during 24 hours from the moment of installation. As the matter of fact, this time is quite enough to enjoy all benefits of this keylogger version. During this 24-hours' period the installed spying module shall collect all data and send it to the E-mail address You've entered while the installation process as 1 LogFile in the chosen by You file format.