Screen Logger

ScreenLogger Activation information


After the 1st installation into Windows system ScreenLogger works 24 hours for free to show You all its functions and periodically pop-ups windows reminding to activate the program. At the end of your trial period ScreenLogger stops logging and presents You the following window:

Screenlogger asks to activate the program

To Activate (Register) the program - open the main Screenlogger software window. Click the upper menu "Help" and choose "Activation". ScreenLogger Activation window shows You a personal unique - generated just for this computer - Registration Code. 


Screenlogger Activation window


Activate ScreenLogger by entering your personal Activation Code: 6 digits that You get generated on site at the end of the payment process. You must enter these digits into "Activation Code" field and press "Activate" button. When You buy ScreenLogger through electronic payment systems - please, send us your personal Registration Code.


Attention! Each OS Windows generates a unique Registration Code after the software installation: a new OS Windows shows You a new Registration Code that must be activated independently. Remember that OS Windows re-installation and a new ScreenLogger installation inside this system causes a new Registration Code generating to be activated again.


If You use all 4 tries to enter Activation code using wrong data - the software blocks and You cannot use it inside this system. All You can do is to reinstall OS Windows and repeat with ScreenLogger using the right Activation code. Please, be carefull entering your Activation code!. These limitations are absent in more fresh software release - Keylogger NET4 with more beautiful Viewer (LogFile), more automated software set-up, with the possibility to switch your Licence to another Keylogger inside other operational system or the same computer after OS Windows re-installation. Please, feel free to contact Keylogger Technical support department if You get any error or problem while installing, activating or using Screenlogger software.


Screenlogger activation video-manual:

1 method

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2 method

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3 method

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At the end of the right activation process You'll see the following window:


Screenlogger is Activated