Screen Logger

Screen Logger - versions


This page lives for developers to publish the events influencing the Screenlogger versions and all main step-by-step changes.


(21.10.2014) Screenlogger

Current version 3.8.73

- Screenlogger has got the freshest compatibility with antivirus software


(26.06.2014) Screenlogger

Current version 3.8.69

- now You have 5 tries to enter your Screenlogger Activation code


(26.01.2014) Screenlogger

Current version 3.8.68

- regional Yandex search engines are added

- Screenlogger inner search system is improved



(21.01.2014) Screenlogger - Release

Current version 3.8.64

- compatibility with all modern Windows systems

- Screenlogger installation steps are modified

- new data logging technology

- clipboard working mechanism is modernized

- Screenlogger security level is upgraded